Transcendental philosophy and naturalism

I’ve just got an email through confirming my place for this conference in a couple of weeks, which looks very interesting. This project is being run by Essex University and looks like it may produce some useful clarification of the transcendental / naturalism debate, thoguh I’ve been too busy this year to pay it as much attention as I would have liked. Take a look at the speaker list and subject titles though if Kant, transcendental arguments or the naturalism debate are in your horizon and email them if you want to attend. Details on the website linked.

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  1. Phil
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    Two things: Firstly where could I find work on transcendental / naturalism that explains the contemporary stance – a kind of quick guide to the issues involved. Also, just a remark, the wording next to the entry boxes for name, email, etc is quite dark – I’m not sure how bright you have your monitor but I have always found the less glare the more you can stare – maybe you could turn your brightness down to see what I mean or maybe you have some pukka screen so maybe you should access the site from a lesser monitor. Apart from that it all looks very proffesional and Im sure it took a while to get it right – very earthy – just like your teaching style :-)

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