to survive da’ath

I gave a paper at the Manchester Metropolitan University conference on ‘Deleuze and the event’ that was held earlier this year and the organisers have videoed all the papers, a practice they have had for a while now as part of their online journal A/V (now defunct it seems).  A dvd came through the post this morning with copies of all the papers in video format, which is cool since I can now see those papers I missed on the day.  Here is my own paper (in mov format). These are ‘direct download’ links, so right click and save-as or do whatever it is you do on your system.  You can view a streaming versions here.  Comments of course welcome.

The video is available on YouTube here. (Probably the best available version in terms of sound).

A PDF copy of the unfinished paper – partially covered in handwritten notes – is available here.

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