The iPod lecture circuit – Los Angeles Times

This is an interesting article about the new upsurge in podcasted lectures.  the Dreyfus lectures are really very interesting, though I have been listening more to his lectures on Heidegger than on Existentialism, perhaps because I am teaching existentialism so didn’t want to get too distracted…having said that, at least once in my own lectures I’ve commented on what Dreyfus was saying and directed my own students over there in order to get another take on the material.

Dreyfus lectures on Existentialism

Dreyfus lecture listings from Berkeley

The iPod lecture circuit – Los Angeles Times

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  1. Mikhail Emelianov
    Mikhail Emelianov at |

    i don’t know if you saw these, but there are three RAR files with Rick Roderick’s lectures here

  2. Mikhail Emelianov
    Mikhail Emelianov at |

    here’s the link without HTML

  3. Lloyd Mintern
    Lloyd Mintern at |

    This blog is too DARK. Most of your potential readers must just turn away; it is too uncomfortable to read.

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