Philosophy in Second Life?

SL Macbeth_001 I have popped in and out of Second Life at various points over the last four years and keep a client on my laptop which usually needs to be updated each time I log each because of the infrequency of those occasions.  I love online environments in many ways but never found anything of any interest in SL, with the graphics being rather crappy and the whole interaction thing seeming to be dominated by rather puerile and sex-obsessed masturbators or geeks.  I did hope to find places where there might be some interesting discussion, such as the Philosophy House for example, but they tended to disappoint and eventually I decided that it might simply be that I was not devoting enough time to breaking through the ‘n00b‘ barrier when it came to SL but I also knew that nothing motivated me to do so.  Compared to Warcraft, for example, neither the ‘fun’ nor the desire element are there for me in SL.  To be honest nothing I’d seen there impressed me culturally or intellectually either. 

I popped in again this week, having come across a piece online about a version of Macbeth and for once was pleased to have done so.  A brief scoot around made me want to come back and that’s the first time I’ve actually been motivated to explore a little.  TBH the interaction is pretty basic and some of the write-ups by the artist / constructor read like secondary school (High School?) teaching notes for the dumb but there is enough other material there to make me interested.  It made me think again about what other things I might be missing, not least in terms of places where there might be some online philosophy discussion or collaborative work open to the general bod and so if anyone has any suggestions for interesting places to visit please drop me a SLURL in the comments or if you have an avatar and wanna offer some general advice I would love to hear from you.  I don’t think it’s gonna take away from my time with Bauris and my other alts in Warcraft, but it would be interesting to finally find something in SL.  I’m Razorsmile Hesse in SL btw…

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