Molecular revolution – on the question of organisation


I gave this paper at a recent workshop in London organised by a seminar of philosophers, psychoanalysts and artists.  It’s a para-academic space that I’ve been attending for a while now and which has proven to be one of the most open and constructive intellectual places I’ve know in recent years.  To that end it enabled a little ‘loosening up’ of the academic rigmarole which meant some slightly more experimental, ‘in formation’ thought could be articulated.  I’m still working on Guattari and will no doubt have to continue for a lot longer, but the interplay between the machinic or algorithmic, the potentials of big data, the impacts on subjectivity and revolutionary desire and the possibility of perhaps escaping the liberal individualist mode of political thinking is what lies behind the work here.

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There’s a copy of the paper on my Academia page as well if you happen to be on that site.

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philosopher and filmmaker from brighton, currently teaching philosophy at the Free University of Brighton

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