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I’ve been off ill for a couple of weeks, bad enough to have to cancel last weeks set of lectures (apologies to students but unavoidable I’m afraid), though during that time there was of course the usual ongoing work which I’m now catching up on. Amongst the things that need doing is passing on news of the new Kierkegaard Philosophy Carnival which should be of interest for my ‘existentialism and phenomenology’ (EP) students. I have a post in the carnival, one where I discuss ‘the work of faith’ – something I focussed on in one of my lectures and which I find quite a fascinating theme within Kierkegaards’ existential.

For those that don’t know, philosophy carnivals are a collection of various posts and discussions, from the blog world predominantly, all brought together under a basic theme. There is an excellent going ‘philosophy carnival‘ which is always worth a look and there are also various other subjects that have carnivals devoted to theme – a portal for the huge variety of such collections is over here. I’ve put a block advert on the blog frontpage to keep an ongoing connection to the Kierkegaard carnival and I may add a couple of others to the blogroll as we go along.

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philosopher and filmmaker from brighton, currently teaching philosophy at the Free University of Brighton

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  1. Juan Salzano
    Juan Salzano at |

    Mr Matt Lee:
    My name is Juan Salzano. I´m an argentinian writer. I studied philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. Along with some fellow writers and investigators (the Manikhem group), I founded here the first “Sintetic Deleuzian Laboratory” (in Spanish: “Laboratorio Sintético Deleuziano” -LSD), with which we gave some investigation courses about “Sorcery Politics”. After a few years we found your “Memories of a Sorcerer” PDF text on the internet, and realized that you were working along the same lines we were, trying to permeate Deleuzian philosophy (specially the “A thousand Plateux”-“Memories of a Sorcerer” paragraphs) with Austin Osman Spare practices or Chaos Magic(k). This being the case, I´m gathering texts for a compilation that a Buenos Aires literature publisher wants to make about these investigations. It will probably be called “We sorcerers. Essays on art, poetry and sorcery” for deleuzian reasons you already know. The purpose of this mail is to ask you for your permission to publish in this collection of essays on the subject your “Memories of a Sorcerer: notes on Deleuze-Guattari, Austin Osman Spare, and anomalous sorceries” text. If you give us your permission, it will probably be translated by me. Any question you might have, please feel free to send me an e-mail. Hope you like the idea of having your text translated and published in Buenos Aires, with other texts of the same line of investigation.
    I hope we hear from you,
    kind regards,
    Juan Salzano
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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