Tarnac 9 make the Bartleby move

Confronted by an ever more absurd state power, we shall speak no more LE MONDE | 16.03.09 bwo Multitudes-infos list/ Frederic Neyrat bwo the nettime list / trans Patrice Riemens For four month now, the legal & media spectacle titled “The Tarnac affair” won’t come to an end. Was Julien Coupat to come out of prison for Christmas? For New… Read more →

Welcome to the Civil War – Tarnac9 update

Websites with information on the Tarnac9: the US support committee – http://tarnac9.wordpress.com/ the main French support site – http://www.soutien11novembre.org/ fragments from ‘Introduction to Civil War’ – http://www.softtargetsjournal.com/v21/tiqqun.php ———————————- 10. Civil war is the free play between forms-of-life; it is their principle of co-existence. … 12. The point of view of civil war is the point of view of the political…. Read more →

We Have Begun… FREE THE TARNAC 9 – A statement of support by Giorgio Agamben

  This is from Semiotext, via Fark Yaralar? = Scars of Différance. It is in reference to the arrest of people in France on ‘terrorist’ charges, notably of Julien Coupat from Tiqqun.  The Tiqqun book, a small 88page book that fits in your back pocket and has been distributed free across Europe in recent months, is one of the most… Read more →


The new issue of the excellent journal (indeed perhaps the best philosophical journal around at the moment) out soon … Technorati Tags: urbanomic , deleuze , philosophy Urbanomic

teaching the machine

teaching the machine

teaching the machine There’s this peculiar video that’s on YouTube at the moment, an excellent example of contemporary pedagogy in many ways, called ‘The machine is Us/ing Us’. It’s gathered nearly 2 million hits and since it’s only about 4 minutes long, probably most of those people have watched it. There’s a beautifully slick feel to the way the video… Read more →