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In another email that came through this week the journal A/V let me know that the paper I gave at the Manchester conference on ‘the event’ is now live on their journal.  I have been developing the paper a little more since then as it’s part of an ongoing project that I am working on and the more developed paper was given at the Greenwich University postgraduate conference yesterday, as a keynote address.

That was a strange event, with lots of interesting papers and some, as usual, that I simply didn’t understand, quite often the case in inter-disciplinary conferences.  I always find my notes form these conferences to be quite strange, littered as they are with various doodles and occasional sketches and the whole experience of conference going has a peculiar set of affects, from boredom and confusion to inspiration and sideways thoughts.  It’s very easy to forget whole swathes of fascinating material as you focus increasingly on single topics, with previous researches put on the shelf and gathering dust until something triggers a connection and suddenly boxes are pulled down and papers strewn everywhere in that search for a particular piece of paper, a particular underlining or note.  During the course of that search other things then turn up and the strange world of research becomes close, that strange world in which there is more than you realise in the background to what you do.

The paper, the first section at least, called ‘To survive da’ath’, is available on A/V here.

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