About the blog

It really is a notebook, random fragments of work and thought.  It’s not, of course, every note I make, most of these are still in notebooks, it’s just selected ones that I think I might throw online when I have been typing something up and when I remember the blog.  The point of the blog is really just to be part of the online presence I have. It is chaotic in its themes and fragmentary in its presentation.  There are links to more finished pieces of work on the Publications page.   I’m always happy to chat but that’s probably because I don’t get asked to that often, primarily because I’m a bit anti-social.

About Me

I’m a philosopher, sorcerer and occasional film-maker from Brighton, with a keen interest in both traditions of philosophy. Deleuze, Husserl, Wittgenstein and Quine are all thinkers I might work on.  I tend to hyridise a text-reading approach with a problem-centred one. I gained my doctorate from Sussex University in 2005 with a thesis on Deleuzian ontology, that included a case study application of the central ideas to a reading of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.  The thesis is available on the ‘Publications’ page.  From 2005 through 2013 I was teaching philosophy at the University of Greenwich in London and currently I teach in the Free University Brighton.

Online Contact


Skype ID: razorsmile.

My Discord server (easy text and/or voice chat) is here.

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On the name of the blog…

Notebook Eleven is so named because I had ten A4 spiral bound notebooks filled by the time I finished my doctoral dissertation on Deleuze.

Other stuff about me…

Being a film-maker, kind of.  I used to make films alongside my partner who owned Indifference Productions, a little independent set-up she had going where she ran her own Avid suite (she’s an Avid editor) as well as a mass of other cameras, edit machines and the like, both dv and film (16 and super8 mainly), many of which are mine. I love my Bolex as much as my books.  I still occasionally make films and will do so more in the future.

You can have a look at one of my films online at the ‘Actual/Virtual’ website, a Manchester University Deleuze studies online journal where it was recently published: Click here to open in a new window. One of my other film projects (in 16mm) is the Fotamecus Film Majik project.

I have a broad range of academic philosophical interests, though my central influence is probably the work of Gilles Deleuze.  I came across Deleuze whilst studying for my doctorate, which was originally going to be on Heidegger. That first encounter, through the book What is Philosophy?, brought to life a form of philosophy I had been struggling to find, a philosophy that was directed at life, which was unafraid of leaving the confines of the academy and which spoke as though the force of thought was a living impulse within it. My research focuses on developing a materialism that isn’t reductive or naive and I concentrate currently on transcendental arguments and structures, in particular trying to understand and articulate the concept of a ‘transcendental empiricism’.

As part of my ‘Deleuzian materialism’ I also experiment with modern day shamanic and magical practices, the results of which are sometimes part of the ‘zine I produce and the associated website. I am working on a more detailed account of such practices from the standpoint of a ‘practical metaphysics’ that is derived from Deleuze’s account of becoming and which will include discussions of politics – particularly revolutionary passion – and political violence, speech and silence as well as love. These are all practices that I associate together as experiments with belief, something inspired by a particular passage in Deleuze’s ‘What is philosophy?’ a long time ago.