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Welcome to the Civil War – Tarnac9 update

Websites with information on the Tarnac9: the US support committee – the main French support site – fragments from ‘Introduction to Civil War’ – ———————————- 10. Civil war is the free play between forms-of-life; it is their principle of co-existence. … 12. The point of view of civil war is the point of view of the political…. Read more →

We Have Begun… FREE THE TARNAC 9 – A statement of support by Giorgio Agamben

  This is from Semiotext, via Fark Yaralar? = Scars of Différance. It is in reference to the arrest of people in France on ‘terrorist’ charges, notably of Julien Coupat from Tiqqun.  The Tiqqun book, a small 88page book that fits in your back pocket and has been distributed free across Europe in recent months, is one of the most… Read more →

Continuum and Continuing

Continuum and Continuing

Continuum publishers have informed me and my co-editor that the collection of essays on Kant and Deleuze we were working on these last few months is to be released next June.  Go to the Continuum website for the details of contributors and a brief blurb… This news, of course, reminds me that I have been neglecting the blog and intend… Read more →


Flames flap in the wind as standardsmarking spaces in which they withlittle thought of tomorrows passing drawslight succour from yesterday’s loss. The sun sign silhouetted amidst blackshadows falling across the nightlinedances in the skylight crimsondresses of evening dinner and wine. Thundrous roars peak and molotovcocktails speak freely of timeand light utterances so easily spoken nowin words that will never be… Read more →

A/V paper now LIVE!

A/V paper now LIVE!

In another email that came through this week the journal A/V let me know that the paper I gave at the Manchester conference on ‘the event’ is now live on their journal.  I have been developing the paper a little more since then as it’s part of an ongoing project that I am working on and the more developed paper… Read more →

Events without distinction

Events without distinction

Notes on Heidegger – ITM (polemos, deinon and the gathering of distinction) “war is the father of all and the king of all, and it has shown some as gods and others as human beings, made some slaves and others free” (Heraclitus, Fragment 53) – it is also worth noting something similar is said in Fragment 80, though this is… Read more →

Collapse Bulletin 7: Publication of Volume IV 'Concept Horror'

Collapse Bulletin 7: Publication of Volume IV ‘Concept Horror’

The following announcement arrived today and I encourage anyone interested in philosophy, thinking and life to Collapse. ——————————————— We are delighted to announce that Collapse Volume IV will be published May 2008 and is now available for advance purchase online. Contributors to this volume include: Kristen Alvanson, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Iain Hamilton Grant, Graham Harman, Michel Houellebecq, Oleg Kulik,… Read more →