RIP Tony Benn and Bob Crow

Some thoughts on democracy and the death of Tony Benn

Just like the word 'communism' the concept of 'democracy' is so deeply tainted by its association with capitalism that we face a dangerous problem.

Primal Repression and autonomy

It is primal repression that creates or produces the unconscious and which is the first step in the production of the type of...

(This is an exercise in the rational imagination).

1. Imagine a universal intelligence. It isn’t hard to do. 2. Of course it is hard to do. 3. But not impossible. 4. Nothing...

Don’t let it fade away

Where did they find you?  They found me in New York…I enjoy what I see, it reminds me a lot of the mid west. ...

Omni temporality and incoherent realities

The ghosts of departed quantities

George Berkeley is famous for his attack on Newton’s mathematics. In the short essay entitled The analyst Berkeley criticises the centrepiece of Newton’s new...
speak truth

Speak truth to power and let us think again

In the face of neo-liberal austerity there often appears little real hope that another world is possible.  Mainstream political parties form their new consensus...

Learning necessities

It seems a strange thing to want to do, to learn the necessities. It makes me think of learning very different types of thing....

Knower-known relations (alien and intimate knowledge)

The problem of access that is central to the critique of correlationism depends on the epistemological gap between knower and known. This gap, almost...

Concrete communism & the problem of the cell and the new organism

There is an interesting article on the The Commune website about theorising and imagining a post-capitalist society – take a peek over here. I...